Janice Dunwoody

Photo Styling



As a photo stylist, I’ve always been fascinated by how objects relate to each other and occupy a space. Sometimes a little tilt or nudge can transform mundane into interesting while bringing all the details together enhancing the final image.

A key part of any photo stylist’s job is to collect and compose the elements that will compliment the project. Sourcing is more than a shopping spree, in that you must visualize how the elements will interact, whether it’s an array of organics or a tonal composition, the process requires a plan, a healthy dose of serendipity and an open mind that often leads to the unexpected creating the edge that makes a photograph remarkable.

Working with other professionals on a photo shoot that everyone is passionate about is thrilling. My job is to understand what the creative team is seeking and develop a visual alchemy that meets the requirements and surpasses the expectations of the client.

The nuances of styling a photograph that elicits an emotional reaction are endless and wonderful and it’s what I love to do.

Janice Dunwoody is a freelance photo stylist based in Portland Maine with tentacles throughout “new” New England.